About me

Patrick van Bemmelen

Hi there!

My name is Patrick van Bemmelen and I’m a Microsoft 365 and Azure enthousiast!

I live in the Netherlands with my wife and 3 kids.

Writing about the day to day challenges and, much better, solutions Microsoft 365 and Azure are offering companies in their business needs is something I really love.
Apart from my own blog I also write blogs for Practical365.

I work as a Microsoft 365 consultant and love to share my experiences with other technicians.

My premier focus is on Exchange in all of it’s forms (On-premises, Hybrid and Online), Enterprise Mobility and Microsoft 365 Security products.

Apart from my premier focus on these products I also have a lot of experience in RDS, Hyper-V, ADFS and VoIP. I was a 3CX Advanced certified engineer. This helps me to create solutions not only for cloud-only but also hybrid scenarios and gives me more tools in combining solutions for the underlying techniques Microsoft 365 is offering.

I believe in a triple L (live long learning) journey and am a reading fanatic which I hope comes forward in my certifications transcript.