Checking the health state of your Exchange Server

A quick and easy PowerShell command I’d like to share today is how to check the health state of your Exchange Server.

Starting from Exchange 2013 Microsoft has added this nice little command which I use to check a Exchange Server’s health . I only want to show services with Unhealty components so I use it like this:

Get-ServerHealth -Server YOUREXCHANGESERVER | where {$_.AlertValue -ne "Healthy" -and $_.AlertValue -ne "Disabled"} | FL

Today I came across a server with a improperly configured Exchange certificate for the SMTP service as shown in the Name property:

Of course you will need to check if this state is valid based on the component which caused this state.

For the above component it turned out that the “Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate” certificate didn’t have a matching subject or alternative subject name(s) in it for the Exchange Server.
This is by design so everything is perfectly fine, this makes me a happy sys admin.

So for now, everybody try to stay healthy! 😉

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