Enabling an archive on a migrated mailbox throws an error

I recently migrated a user from an on-prem Exchange Server to Exchange Online and wanted to enable an archive for the user.

As soon as I wanted to enable the archive the following error came up:

The following error occurred during validation in agent ‘Windows LiveId Agent’: ‘Can’t enable the archive for USER because this user object is synchronized with the on-premises directory. To enable a cloud-based archive mailbox for this user, you must use your on-premises Exchange admin center or Exchange Management Shell

To resolve this issue you will need to change the AD property msExchRemoteRecipientType to the value 6

1Provisioned User Mailbox
3Provisioned User Mailbox and archive
4Migrated User Mailbox
6Migrated User Mailbox with archive created in cloud
20Migrated User Mailbox with deprovisioned archive
33Provisioned Room Mailbox
36Migrated Room Mailbox
65Provisioned Equipment Mailbox
68Migrated Equipment Mailbox
100Shared Mailbox in Exchange Online
Set this value to 6

This will change the recipient type to a migrated mailbox with an online archive enabled.
It has to stay a migrated mailbox because this will keep the mailbox as a Remote Mailbox in the on-premises Exchange Server so it knows that it exists in the cloud.

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