Facing Profile picture upload problems in Teams with Exchange Hybrid

I had a problem with a customer recently who tried to upload his profile picture to Teams.

Their Exchange 2016 server (with the latest CU installed) was set in Hybrid mode with Office 365 and whenever he tried to change the picture in Teams he received the message “There was a problem while uploading your profile picture. Please try again”.

After some investigation I found out that Exchange Online doesn’t accept photos larger than 10KB from the local AD thumbnailPhoto attribute (https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/3062745/user-photos-aren-t-synced-from-the-on-premises-environment-to-exchange) so this could be the problem but it could also be the local profile picture from OWA not syncing to the cloud.

The last one seemed to be a glitch in the Exchange on-premises server as there was a 0KB JPEG file stored in the photo’s cache of Exchange C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\ClientAccess\photos\domain\HR96x96.

To resolve this issue I let the user reupload his picture in OWA on the Exchange on-premises server. After that it got replicated to the local AD’s thumbnailPhoto property which synced to Office 365/Exchange Online.

This resolved my issue but for documentation purposes, if the thumbnailPhoto property had already synced with a (incorrect) picture stored in the property then this wouldn’t have worked because the thumbnailPhoto property only gets synced once.

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