Increasing your security posture with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Secure Score

And with yet another part (part 4) in my blog series about Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, it’s now time to look at the combination MDfE and Secure Score.

You might be wondering what Secure Score is, well let’s elaborate on that first shall we?
Secure Score is a dashboard which contains inventory data from various sources in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
What Secure Score does is taking the security baselines set up by Microsoft and compare these with your current Microsoft 365 configuration.

Every security “action” is part of a category and has a percentage score based on the weight it holds in the total security posture.
As an example, Require MFA for administrative roles counts for 7,75% while Enable self-service password reset only improves your total score by 0,78%.

The following categories exist in Secure Score:

  • Apps
  • Data
  • Device
  • Identity
  • Infrastructure

You can also share these actions to for instance Teams where you can actively discuss and take action on these topics with your CISO and fellow IT colleagues.

The Secure Score dashboard

When you open a specific item you will be guided on how to complete this action.

The great thing here is that MDfE can send information about your endpoints to Secure Score.
This adds even greater visibility on what actions you need to take in order to improve your endpoints overall security.

Enabling the Secure Score MDfE connector

To start sending this information you just need to flick the switch.

After that it might take some time for the information to get forwarded to the Secure Score dashboard.
Eventually you will find the Devices category filled with entries which are either completed or need to be taken action upon.

Filtering based on MDfE actions

On the main dashboard you will find the Devices category with the achieved score.
To look at and filter out the device actions just go into Improvement Actions and select either Devices or the product Microsoft Defender Security Center.

This will give you an overview on what actions are still open.
Every completed action improves your score and that’s all there’s to it!

Will a 100% Secure Score really close the door for hackers and cyber crime activity?
The answer is no, but it will improve your overall security level.
It’s like having an alarm in your home and not turning it on before you leave.

That’s all for now, as always let me know if you’ve got any questions.

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