Joining Skype Meetings while only using Teams

When you’re organization has been upgraded to Teams you could be facing a scenario where a user wants to join a Skype Meeting but doesn’t have the Skype for Business application installed anymore.

To overcome this issue you can set the preferred client for Skype meetings to the web-downloadable app.

To change this setting in Powershell you will need the SfB Online Connector.
You can download the connector via the following link:

Connect to SfB Online and change the SfBMeetingJoinUx to SkypeMeetingsApp.

Set-CsTeamsUpgradeConfiguration -SfBMeetingJoinUx SkypeMeetingsApp

As outlined by Microsoft in the following article this will set the app as the preferred method:

This setting can be useful for organizations that have upgraded to Teams and no longer want to install Skype for Business on their users’ computers.

Be advised that although you set this option users that still have the SfB client installed will still get the option to use the “old” client. I’ve experienced this myself while starting the meeting and I had the client installed.

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