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I was requested by uCertify to review their MS-100 certification course and found it a very helpful resource to pass the exam.

During this course you will be guided through different stages which lead you through the learning process, from the pre-assessment through the lessons and practice test, ending with a post-assessment to be sure you’re exam ready.

The different stages of the courseware

The course starts off with a pre-assessment which validates your current knowledge of all the subjects and looks at what points you should improve or are already proficient in to pass the exam.
This is very helpful because it gives you a clear view of what you should expect and where your weaknesses and strengths lie towards these subjects.

The pre-assessment stage will allow you to see where you stand towards the exam

You then go into the learning stage where you will be guided by videos and written lessons, demonstrating you how you can get things done.
These tools will guide you in a very accessible way towards completing the tasks and allow you to bookmark and take notes so you can review them later.
You will also be able to filter the overview so you will only see the videos you did or didn’t watch yet.

There is even a glossary in which you will find keywords with their accompanied explanations.
It is are a very good resource for you to quickly review and recognize these keywords before you go into the exam.

The lessons are well structured and very accessible

When you’re looking for a guided way of studying there is even study planner so you can prepare your exam step by step and be well prepared for the big day.

I’ve found this course a very good resource for the MS-100 exam, and would surely advice it to anyone looking for a good and easy way of getting ready to take the exam.

You can start your own journey today on uCertify via the following link:

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