*UPDATE* Surface Hub boot loop “You’re device needs an update, restarting to finish up”

Update: After speaking to a Microsoft support representative of the Surface Hub department, they told me that the issue would be resolved as of Windows 10 Team Edition build 2000. There is no ATA yet as this is going to Insider Preview subscribers first.

A short blog post this time about the Surface Hub boot loop issue which is (still) around:

When you are configuring your Surface Hub one option you need to choose from is the “Teams mode”.

This can either be done by USB key or Intune (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-surface-hub) and you will have the option to select one of the following modes:

0 Skype preferred app on the Start Screen, Teams Meetings available
1Teams preferred app on the Start Screen, Skype Meetings available
2Teams exclusive app on the Start screen (Skype app not available)

I had a customer who only wanted to use Teams so we used Mode 2, but then the problem started..

The Hub came with a message that it needed to reboot in order to process some updates but this kept going on and on, so there was only option and that was to reset the Hub to it’s factory defaults..

If you are facing the same problem then there currently is only one solution, switch to Mode 1 which enables Skype Meetings to be used alongside Teams.
Although I found some posts claiming that pushing Mode 2 via Intune would the solution this resulted in the same reboot loops.

Of course allowing Skype Meetings isn’t a biggy but it would be nice if all the Modes worked as you would expect.
It’s a bit like having a broken Thunderbird 2 in your secret base…

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